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Like the shoemaker’s children, my own website often sits languishing, while I work on the web pages for St. Francis Inn, the US Franciscans, and others.

Well, no more! I have finally updated my own website, bringing it finally into the modern era with better graphics and a whole, new redesign.

I have a whole gallery of my favorite photos. I am, by no means, a great photographer. I look at the photos of my brother, Octavio Duran OFM, with awe. But, after taking hundreds and thousands of snapshots, I’ve managed to take a few that turned out okay. I have 20 of them on my new homepage.

As I wonder through my decayed but rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Kensington in Philadelphia (and, more occasionally, in travels to other areas), I post photos to Instagram. I also have a selection of my most recent Instagram photos on the page.

So, take a look. Let me know what you think. The address is simple:

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