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20110429-113231.jpgThey say that if you want to hear God laugh, tell Her your plans.

Well, my plans have changed. I am not being sent to St. Petersburg, but rather to Boston, Mass. Our retirement house there has a higher level of care. (This full-leg fiberglass cast that I have to wear during the 6 week recovery period from the surgery is a handful.)

My cell phone number will be the same: +1-571-275-8453

The address (in case anyone wants to send get well cards, birthday wishes, birthday presents, etc.) 🙂 is:

Jim McIntosh, OFM
St. Anthony Residence
103 Arch Street
Boston MA 02110-1102

103 Arch Street is located directly across the street from our mammoth shrine at 100 Arch Street.


It’ll be nice to once again be in the “Hub of the Universe” — a city I haven’t lived in since I graduated from Boston College in 1976! There’ve been a lot of changes to the “combat zone” near Arch Street, but I doubt I’ll be out walking around anytime soon.

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