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Today, I went for the MRI exam on my knee. I have never had something like this so it was fun… until he said, “Don’t move the knee for the next 30 minutes.” Then, all I could think about was having to move my leg. It was noisy but completely painless, and did pass quickly.

I have no idea what knees are suppose to look like, but isn’t that thing that looks like a bone to the left of the leg bone suppose to be down and over the knee?

I have an appointment tomorrow with the orthopedic surgeon at Georgetown University Hospital, so I suppose I will find out more then. I hope I can find out what the problem is, what the solution is and how long the projected recovery will last.

If the rehabilitation will be a long one, the friars want to send me down to our retirement house in St. Petersburg, Fla., to recuperate there. (The main reason is that there is another friar here who is much sicker than I am, and — with the students leaving for their summer assignments — the thought is that it would be too difficult for the few friars who will be here for the summer to have to care for two sick friars.) So, tomorrow is the day to find out what’s going on and where I’ll be doing it.

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