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Yesterday, I showed you a view from my sickbed. Today, I show a better picture taken at the window. The view is truly marvelous, looking down at St. Peter’s and the Vatican City.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been practicing walking with crutches. I find it incredible that I am 56 years old, and this is my first serious health issue. Before Monday, I had never spent a night in a hospital. I’ve never had an operation or walked on crutches.

So, all of this is new. I hadn’t planned on any of this. (I had hoped maybe to be able to see La Verna or Pompeii, neither of which I’ve ever seen.) But, I love new things, so — except for the pain and being a bother to the friars here — this is an exciting adventure.

Some have asked about my plans. The doctors here said I should have the surgery within two weeks, but the earliest I can get an appointment at Georgetown is for the 21st. The friars here are on retreat next week, so it would be difficult to take me to the airport. So, I am thinking about flying back to DC on Saturday the 9th and just waiting at HNC until the 21st.

There is really very little pain now, and with the crutches to stabilize me I can get up and move around.

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