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Arizona Capitol SB1070 Protest 4/25/2010

Photo by kbondelli

What’s up with Arizona? Isn’t this part of the territory that the U.S. “annexed” from Mexico after the Mexican-American War? Weren’t the indigenous peoples and the Mexicans there before the blancos arrived?

Now, the governor has signed a law making it legal — in fact, mandatory — to stop any brown people, excuse me, people who the police have good reason to suspect are undocumented and demand their immigration documents. It is also illegal now in Arizona to leave your house without your immigration documents. Since some states issue driver’s licenses to undocumented persons, I presume this means that everyone must carry their passport with them at all times.

Why is the Republican party shooting itself in the foot? It lost the African-American vote a long time ago. There was some thought in the Bush administration that they could go after the Latino vote because, it is said, the Latino community is more conservative than average. Well, that thought is long gone now. The Republicans seem determined to cling to the demographic that is the majority, but shrinking fast. Maybe this racist attitude will gain it something in 2010, but this way of thinking is bound to be the end of the party. Every demographic projection shows it.

Manzanar National Historic Site

Photo by kalavinka

And, in the meantime, we have to live with their anti-immigrant. anti-gay, anti-everything and everyone who isn’t just like them.

There have been nasty, racist episodes in our nation’s history (see, for instance, the Chinese Exclusion Act and the “internment” of Japanese citizens in camps during World War II), but I thought that we were suppose to be beyond that.

Instead, the Republican party seem determined to wallow in this type of hatred in order to get some short-term gains. Unless they really believe in racism. Who know at this point?

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