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Well, I changed my web site again. I had a nice website at which looked pretty but actually had very little actual content. And I had my blog at with more content than the website. So, I decided to scrap the website and move the blog to So, everything is all rolled into one now and it’s at

In the old days, when there was competition in such matters, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect used to leapfrog each other. One would come out with some innovative idea, and then in the next release the other would match it and introduce something different. We used to see it between CorelDraw and Illustrator. We still see a bit of it in the struggle between QuarkXPress and Adobe’s InDesign.

In the blog/website area, I first found Joomla and liked it. Then, I found Drupal and liked it even more. (I still like it as the engine for larger sites.) But, for smaller sites and blogs, I now think that WordPress is the way to go. So, in dropping the old web (which was using Drupal) and moving just to the blog (which uses WordPress), I hope that I can provide a richer blogging experience and at the same time save on the behind-the-scene maintenance issues.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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