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Every three years, we get to take a three-month vacation. Since I have been in Bolivia for three years now, I am currently taking my vacation. So far, I have been traveling around the northeast visiting friar communities and visiting with my family.

Today, I am in New York City and getting ready to do something that I have always wanted to do, travel across the country by land. Driving the whole route seems long and tedious, so I am doing it the easy way, by train. Tomorrow, I fly out to Los Angeles. On Thursday, I take the Coast Starlight train up the California coast to Oakland. On Friday, I catch the California Zephyr train over to Salt Lake City to visit with my brother and his family. Then, the following Wednesday morning, I get back on the Zephyr to continue on to Chicago. From Chicago, I take the Capitol Limited to D.C.

It all sounds very interesting. (If it turns out to be more boring than interesting, I have brought a number of books along to read.)
Here are my full traveling plans for my vacation:
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