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Working as a friar in Bolivia, we get a three-month vacation every three years. These are the places I visited during my triennial vacation in 2009. I traveled around the Northeast, took trains cross country, visited Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Tucson among other cities, and just generally had fun visiting places and people.

June 25Travel by bus from Camiri to Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
June 27Fly from Santa Cruz (Viru Viru airport) to BWI by way of Miami
June 28Drive down to Rehoboth Beach to join my family there
July 3Drive over to Holy Name College in Silver Spring, Md.
July 7Celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday (Yea!)
July 9Drive up to St. Bonaventure University in Olean, N.Y.
July 10Drive up to the friary in Buffalo, N.Y.
July 11Drive over to Siena College in Loudonville, N.Y.
July 12Drive up to St. Antony’s Shrine in Boston, Mass.
July 14Drive down to Providence, R.I.
July 15Drive over to Hartford, Conn.
July 16Drive down to East Rutherford, N.J.
July 18Drive back to Holy Name College
August 3Take the bus to New York City
August 4Meet with the provincial minister
August 5Fly out to Los Angeles, Calif. by way of St. Louis
August 7Take the train up the coast of California to Oakland
August 8Take the train from Oakland to Salt Lake City, Utah.
August 9Visit with my brother and his family in Utah
August 12Get back on the train and travel through Chicago and on to Washington, D.C.
August 15Take the train to Newark, N.J. and then drive to Calicoon, N.Y. for a mission call
August 16Drive back to N.J.
August 17Fly out to Tucson, Ariz. (by way of Dallas) to visit the friars working on the border
August 21Fly back to N.J.
August 22Go to the solemn vows in NYC and then drive to Yulan, N.Y. for a mission call
August 24Drive down to D.C. to get ready to return to Bolivia
August 28Fly back to Santa Cruz by way of Miami and La Paz
September 1Fly from Santa Cruz to Lima, Perú
September 13Fly from Lima to Iquitos
September 16Return to Lima from Iquitos
September 18-19Fly from Lima back to DC
September 22Drive to the Bronx, N.Y., for a funeral
September 23Drive back to McLean, Va.
September 26-27Fly from DC to Santa Cruz by way of Miami and La Paz (again)
September 28End my three-month vacation by returning back to Camiri by bus.
You can view a sampling of photos that I took of these places on this web page. You can view all the photos I took (and there are way too may of them) on Flickr.

Places Visited (or passed through)

BoliviaLa PazLa Paz1
Santa CruzCamiri
Santa Cruz
United StatesArizonaTucson
CaliforniaLos Angeles
Oakland (Emeryville)
DelawareRehoboth Beach
District of ColumbiaWashington
IllinoisChicago 2
Silver Spring
MissouriSt. Louis1
New JerseyEast Rutherford
New YorkAlbany (Loundonville)
The Bronx
New York City
Rhode IslandProvidence
UtahSalt Lake City (Heber)
West Virginia4

That’s three countries25 states at least passed through and 19 different cities or towns slept in.

Only passed through the airport
2 Only passed through the the train station
3 Drove through but didn’t linger
4 Traveled through on the train

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