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Wow. Evo won by a lot. He garnered something like ten percentage points more on the recall referendum than he did when he was originally elected. This certainly puts him in a strong position politically.

The four strongest departments in opposition are Santa Cruz, Tarija, el Beni and Pando. These are referred to as the “half moon” (or media luna) because of where they sit in Bolivian geography. The smallest department is Pando, which sits in the rain forests of the Amazon basin and has about 20,000 habitants. The strangest results of the recall referendum occurred in Pando, where Evo got over 50% support. I would have expected the results in Pando to be more like the results in Santa Cruz, el Beni and Tarija.

On a childish note, the (ex-?)prefect of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes, says he don’t recognize the fact that he was recalled and still considers himself to be prefect. This man wants to be president of Bolivia the next time around but shows an astounding disregard for the rule of law. If the vote doesn’t go the way he wants, he ignores it. What kind of president would he make.

On a nicer note, I just love the theme song for the Olympics. Maybe everyone in the States has heard it, but I just discovered it today. Take a listen:

Saludos a todos. Hasta luego.

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