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The rains have pretty much stopped here in Cochabamba. We’ll probably have another rainy day or two, but the daily and nightly poundings have stopped. This means the water is no longer rolling downhill causing floods in areas like Trinidad.

During the flooding, the political climate in Bolivia was calm as people realized there were more serious problems than a new constitution. Now that the rains and flooding have stopped, however, we can probably expect the political problems to start up again. Although so far, things such as the high altitude ban on soccer and the UN’s suggestion that Bolivia and Peru ban the chewing of the coca leaf have directed attention elsewhere. Also, the electoral court postponed the referendum on the new constitution, which kicked the issue down the road a bit.
So, for now, things are calm. This time of year — just after the rains have stopped — is the most beautiful in Cochabamba. The hills are still green; later they will dry out like California and turn brown… excuse me, golden. The air is still clean; later it will become more polluted. But for now, things are warm, sunny, clean and green. It is a lovely time to be here.
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