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Rain, rain, glorious rain!

We’ve had rain for the last two or three days, so I guess the rainy season has started early this year. What a glorious thing rain is after going without it for six months. It refreshes the trees and flowers, and cleans the streets and buildings. It also refills the reservoirs and cisterns before the next dry season.

I know that in about two or three weeks, I’ll be sick of the rain. But right now, it is a wonderful thing and delightful to enjoy.

Unlike the East Coast of the U.S., where the rain averages to about two days a week throughout the year, in the Andes the rain comes only during certain parts of the year. It generally rains from November to February or March — and then is dry for the rest of the year. This varies as one descends from the Andes. To the west, towards the Pacific, it never rains. Cities like Lima in PerĂº can go for years without any rain at all! To the east, into the Amazon basin, the rain is more regular throughout the year — but during the rainy season it can rain for days on end without a pause.

Some parts of eastern Bolivia become unreachable during the rainy season: bridges can be washed out and roads can become impassible. Last year, there was considerable rain near Trinidad, and the city became threatened with being washed away!

But, for now, I have to say: what a delightful thing rain is!

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