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It rained yesterday and all last night! For people in the States, that might not be a big deal. Down here, though, it was great. Like much of the world, in Bolivia there is a rainy season and a dry season. The rain comes sometime around the beginning of November and lasts until March or April. Then, until the following rainy season, one has to depend on wells and lakes for water. Some years, if the rain was light, this could mean droughts. Last summer, we had quite a bit of rain so water hasn’t been scarce, but it was still nice to have the rain come and wash everything off. During the day, it was occasional showers; at night, there was lightning and thunder and a constant downpour. It was very nice.

It feels strange to comment on the weather, but it was so rare to have rain in September that I thought I should share the good news. 🙂

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