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I have come over to Lima for the first vows of two young friars. It was good that I came, in that only the Lima friars and the novice master from the U.S. were present to witness the vows. I had lived with one of the young men for over two years of his postulancy program when I worked in Lima, so it was nice to see him finally becoming a friar.

God! What a terrible place Lima is! I had forgotten the terrible, wet cold here. For three months of the year — basically from Christmas to Easter — the sun comes out and Lima is warm, lovely and beautiful. In late March or early April, however, the sun disappears behind a permanent cloud cover and everyday is cold and gray and wet. It is that way now.

I look forward to getting back to lovely Cochabamba on Saturday. We are now entering Spring and the flowers are out, it is getting warmer and, of course, we have the eternal sun (at least until the rainy season arrives in November).

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