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Happy Easter! Classes are going well. They are all things I knew very little about, and so they are interesting because the material is new. The classes are

  • News Writing and Reporting
  • Broadcast Reporting
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Press Release Writing, and
  • Desktop Publishing.

The community of Franciscans here is a very really good one, and it is good to be living with them. The university is situated in the countryside. This means it is far away from everything. The closest city is Buffalo, and that’s a two hour drive. But the countryside is beautiful, and after the dryness of Lima it is wonderful to see the vast amounts of snow we receive. They say that it snowed one year at graduation, so I am sure we will be getting more snow.

I should be here for another six weeks or so, and then expect to be moving down to New York City.

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