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Thus ends the year. And an interesting year it’s been.

I was a high school teacher for a year. This brought back memories of my own high school days, but I also recognize these kids are different in many ways. They are from a different culture and from a very different part of the economic scale. It was a challenging year, but an ultimately enriching one.

I was able to travel. I went twice to the States for a meeting called “SPUFY” (Solemnly Professed Under Five Years) and it was great to visit with my classmates and others with whom I was in formation. I participated in the assembly we had on Globalization, and hopefully brought a South American perspective. I went to La Paz during the semester break in July to teach a class on building web sites, and in December I visited South Africa where I worked as Secretary for a meeting of the International Council of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation of my Order. (Photos are now online if you’d like to see them.)

And 2005… well, I will start the year taking classes on journalism at St. Bonaventure University in upstate New York. After the Chapter in June, we will have to see where I am going from there.

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