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"The people have spoken, the bastards"
— Dick Tuck, after losing the 1966 California State Senate race

Okay, the elections are over and the American people have indeed spoken.

Honestly, I don’t think anything would have changed with regard to the US’s latest Vietnam regardless of who won the election. In terms of Iraq it was Humprey vs. Nixon all over again. The war there will drag on and get worse and worse until we can admit that we screwed up and lost another one. Then we leave two or three countries behind, at least which n-1 of them will hate us worse than they ever did before. Unfortunately tens of thousands more will have to die before we leave.

With regard to the social issues, we have had oppression before and survived it. There may be more institutionalization of prejudice (ie, constitional admendments enforcing it), but we have lived through worse.

The biggest challenge for the future will be the economy. We will see how Mr. Bush can cut taxes and provide all the things he has promised. The past, if it is an indication, doesn’t present us with an optimistic view of the future.

Federal tax revenue was $100 billion lower this year than when Mr. Bush
took office, but spending is $400 billion higher.
— NY Times, 4 November 2004
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